Who wants to be average? Become an expert with your Mac or iPhone

How much of your life is spent with computers and phones? A lot? Tuition from Expert Apple can help you get things done more quickly or more accurately. It‘s not about coding or other technicalities, it’s about doing everyday tasks in the best way.

Use your Mac or iPhone more quickly and enjoyably

Expert Mac

We can make you an expert in:

  • Working with files and folders most effectively
  • Speedily starting apps
  • The quickest way to do a calculation or convert units (e.g. inch to cm)
  • Managing lots of open windows (tip: minimising them all is not the best way!)
  • Resizing and colour correcting photos – without any extra software
  • Manipulating PDFs without extra software
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts
  • Working with foreign characters, looking professional with proper typography, and emoji
  • …and any other pain points you have

Expert iPhone

We can cover topics including:

  • Save time (and mistakes) typing long words or phrases
  • Using the dictionary
  • Battery saving tips

Why Expert Apple?


Tuition can be tailored to exactly meet your needs.

One-to-one or business

Private tuition for anybody.

Are you a business with Apple devices? Ask about on-site classroom training.


18 years of Mac usage and 9 of iPhone.

Hands-on and friendly

No death-by-PowerPoint, no geekery.

Is Expert Apple suitable for me?

  • You live in the Oxfordshire/Cotswolds area
  • You’re a complete beginner, or you have been using Macs or iPhones for a while and you don’t feel like you are getting the most from them
  • Or you are an ex-Windows user needing help to adjust (we use Windows to, so we can help with the transition)


Not sure? Contact us with your thoughts – use the form below.


Individual tuition is £50 for 90 minutes and we can meet at yours or any cafe you like. There may need to be an additional travel charge.

Businesses: please contact us with your requirements.